Design and Build


Design & Build : Be it a concrete pool or a preformed fibre pool, we design, built, install and commission the swimming pool as per your need and international standards.

Concrete pools : Be it a small villa pool or a big community swimming pool, we take care of everything right from the design, getting approvals from the local authorities, building, testing and commissioning. Based on your requirement, we carry out all the engineering calculation to ascertain the capacities of sand filters, filter pumps, heat pumps, dosing systems, etc. The concrete pool can be either skimmer type or overflow type.

Preformed Fibre Swimming pools : For your very personal needs to relax, we have a range of different shapes to suit your style and to compliment your villa design.
Tear Drop Pools
Roman pools
Aphoridite Pools


Steam Room, Sauna & Spa: A steam room is a sure way to feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated.   Our steam rooms come in a variety of sizes and can comfortably fit from two to eleven people. You can choose from our wide range of finishes which includes - tiled walled steam, wood finish or the acrylic finish. The steam room are designed in such a way that they are  easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. 

Sauna: There is no better way to deal with mental strain and fatigue or to reduce stress and relax muscles than in a sauna. The warmth of these wonderful amenities and the time spent in the calm, still retreat has a therapeutic effect and makes you feel wonderful.

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